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Titanic 1997 is one of the biggest movie of the history. The movie is basically about the ship titanic who was submerged in sea after collapsing an ice burg. If you have the experience to Watch Titanic (1997) Trailer Online you will have seen that the movie is full of romance. In Titanic the a young boy Jack and a girl Rose fall in love with each other. In the Titanic movie ,the fiancee of rose was jealous of Jack. He didn't want that they meet each other. But both the lovers were not taking in account to that thing and  they were crossing all the limits. Everyone on the ship was enjoying and was totally unaware of the terrible thing that was going to happen with the ship in few moments.In the whole film you will see that their ship hits an glacier and the ship was going to sink. Now there were only few life boats and the administration of the ship decided to save children and women. As you Watch Titanic Trailer Online you will see that Rose decided to stay with Jack. At last the ship was drowned and the remaining people on the ship also died due to the chilling water of the sea. Rose and Jack made a true example of love in the film. You should never miss any scene of this romantic movie and should stream titanic now.

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